Friday, August 9, 2019

Healthcare Reform (I Oppose It) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Healthcare Reform (I Oppose It) - Essay Example With increase in the cost of life, it is apparent that paying for medical cover is to some extend seen as a luxury especially by middle class people. The budget on how to spend the earnings has been difficult characterized by large budgets and loans that act as a burden to many people. Besides, it is only logical that one cannot pay for medical cover and forfeit their meals. Groszkruger (2011) argued that the government should put in place mechanisms that allow its citizens to be flexible in the way they carry on with their lives. For instance, instead of the government introducing a healthcare program and then impose some policies that compels people to part with money, it would have been better if the government came up with proposals that would help people that are unable to pay for the plan to get the funds. For instance, a section of the national budget should be set aside to pay for those people that are unable to pay. In a different dimension, the law to tax people if they fail to pay for the plan can be argued to be oppressive because it is the right for people to get free medical help from the government. In fact, according to Wolfe (2012) the government should not bring in the issue of taxing social amenities that are considered fundamental to its people. Instead, there should be funds obtained through other means in taking care of healthcare of the Americans. The plan and other social policies should be outlined in such a way that the Americans can only contribute small amounts to aid the running of the institutions put in place. In regard to solving the issue of lack of money to pay for the coverage, the Obamacare proposes that one can obtain financial help to pay for the coverage. Although one would be made to believe that this is a solution, it is only seen as so on the basis of paying for the coverage. In fact, this could be argued to mean digging a hole to obtain soil

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