Monday, October 7, 2019

What strenghts do you have that will allow you to succeed as a Essay

What strenghts do you have that will allow you to succeed as a Physician assistant - Essay Example Being detail oriented is key for physician assistants, for example, when doing diagnoses and administering treatments. I am also strong and can act fast which gives me the capacity to respond to various issues. Physician assistants need to be humble – a quality that comes in handy especially when there is need for one to know their limits. They should also have the ability to handle stress. Furthermore, they should have the capacity to make sound judgements fast as they sometimes work under a lot of pressure and have to multi task. A self examination reveals that I am always keen to detail, can effectively handle stress, and can respond well to pressure and situations that require multi-tasking. Yet again, I am a good communicator. Effective communication goes a long way in helping establishing good relations between the different stakeholders. In conclusion, I have several strengths that make me fit for a physician assistant position. I am compassionate, humble, keen to detail, a good communicator, strong and can manage stress effectively, just to mention a few of my

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